Creating murals that feature in the public and private domain. I design the murals as an Aboriginal artist to reflect the relationships, the landscape, the culture and the people.




I love collaborating with other artists/creatives/muralists to create murals which make a bigger impact.

Artists: Mike Maka, Lee-Anne Clarke and Mandi Barton St Albans Community Centre, Victoria, Australia

    Creative Projects

    Working with groups and organisations to create art pieces that represent their stories and connections with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities with a focus on mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing.

    Mixed mediums

    • Paints
    • Sand
    • Chalk
    • Print
    • Photography
    • Graphic Design

    Cultural Inclusive Spaces 

     Managing, Consulting, Designing and Creative Producing

    • Public art and installations
    • Community involvement
    • Collaborations
    • Intercultural spaces
    • Relationship and engagement opportunities

    Communities feeling a sense of belonging to places in their neighbourhoods, where they work, live and play.

    Caroline Springs Gallery Windows July- November 2020

    Melton Moorabool Star Weekly - 04th August 2020  Published on Aug 4, 2020  




    Creating products that assist with cultural safety. Products such as:

    • Clothes
    • Homewares
    • Resources
    • Digital products