About Me

I am Mandi Barton, also known as Mandi Moo. I am a Yorta Yorta woman with Barapa Barapa, Wemba Wemba and Polish heritage, I am a mother of three daughters, an Aboriginal community member, an entrepreneur and change maker, who resides in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. I founded Biyala B, a business that aims to break down barriers to accessing wellbeing opportunities by indigenising ‘Wellbeing’ spaces and places. I am passionate about everyone being able to be supported in their wellbeing and healing journeys. I’m extremely passionate about my community being able to heal from their transgenerational trauma. Breaking down barriers that are in the way of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people having opportunities to take those steps to improve their own, their families and their communities’ lives. I love sports, art, architecture, culture and country drives. I’m an avid cloud and sunset watcher, with the occasional sunrise (when I go to bed way too late) I need to be near water (river/ocean/creek any body of water will do), I daydream about travelling and want to visit every country on earth.


My experience has come from my lived experience: my role as a mother, a daughter, a granddaughter and as an Aboriginal woman who has lived in various communities across Eastern Australia. My work experience has been in Aboriginal ‘identified’ positions in both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal organisations and an art career spanning over 20 years.


My (formal) educational experience has been gained through many degrees and programs however the main ones are: Bachelor of Arts, Deakin University Graduate Diploma of Natural Resources Management, Deakin University CertⅢ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art and Design, RMIT Master of Indigenous Studies (Wellbeing), Southern Cross University